Useful Items Available For Patients

  • Foam Rolls – Therapeutic roller for muscular flexibility, dynamic strengthening and releasing areas of chronic pain.
  • Foot Savers – Foot Savers actually re-educate feet. They improve gait, alignment, and muscle tone, stimulate reflexology points, strengthen arches, increase range of motion, and stimulate and elongate the muscles of the calves, thighs, hips, and lower back. Working intensively with Foot Savers, you can rehabilitate foot problems and literally work your body all the way to your head. Foot Savers come with a DVD of the basic foot fitness routines.
  • Tennis Balls – Or myofascial release balls are one of the most recommended physical therapy tools for recovery and rehabilitation of soft tissue. They are simple to use, readily available, and inexpensive.
  • Heel lifts – Make legs even and correct leg length discrepancy.
  • Iontophoresis – Iontophoresis is a transdermal drug delivery system that can treat inflammation and pain. Unlike transdermal patches, this method relies on active transportation within an electric field. It uses a small electric charge to deliver a medicine or other chemical through the skin. It is basically an injection without the needle.
  • Traction – The Saunders Cervical Traction Device provides unparalleled traction therapy and is an alternative to long-term clinical care.
  • Alpha Stim – Clinically proven medical device that may relieve anxiety, insomnia, and depression using electromedical technology.

For Self-Help

  • Books: Adrenal Fatigue, You Can Heal Your Life, You Can Heal Your Body, HeartMath Solution, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much

Other Supplements
We carry a limited number of supplements in-clinic (Juice Plus, Naturethroid, Magnezyme, etc.). We will also gladly order you supplements from various manufacturers including, but not limited to, Neuroscience, Pure Encapsulations, Orthomolecular, and Metagenics.

To obtain any of these products please drop into the office at 1760 SW Third Street, Corvallis, OR 97333 or call 541-207-3773 to order.