Inner Dialogue

Janice BlumerInner Dialogue Work, by Dr. Blumer

Originally developed by osteopathic physician Solihin Thom, D.O., Inner Dialogue work allows clients to access biopsychosocial forces that may be inhibiting their ability to change to a healthier state. Based on an ontologic view of the human state, Inner dialogue exams the client’s life forces (our inner human state), and sheds light on the forces needing attention. By doing so, clients are able to self –regulate and change their inner state.

Inner Dialogue uses applied kinesiology (a system which utilizes the patient’s own muscles) and language developed from different hand positions (modes) to allow a deeper understanding from the perspective of the client. Through this process, a dialogue evolves that directs the treatment, which can include traditional osteopathy, oriental medicine, and other interventions. As this is a client directed session, the inner understanding can be quite profound and can help clients move past blockages that prevent a shift in inner understanding. Sessions usually require an hour or slightly longer to complete the dialogue and treatment.

If you have found that traditional osteopathic treatment or counseling are only getting you so far, you may find this form of treatment beneficial. It can be used for both physical and psychological complaints, or as a means to maintain client wellbeing and understanding. Schedule as session today and try this innovative method of treatment to find inner life/outer life balance.