Alternative Counseling

Bridgett Davis, provider of energy healing services at Crossroads Premiere Healthcare in Corvallis, Oregon.Bridgett Davis

Alternative Counseling, HeartMath Coach

“My practice is a fusion of experience gained over many years of learning mind-body-spirit connection, incorporating philosophical concepts and a myriad of other practical tools. I offer life coaching, alternative counseling, and energy healing. Through Heart-Centered Therapy I can guide people to the root system of their most impactful stories with laser precision & collapse it, thereby reducing the impact or eliminating it altogether. I have customized many tools & homework exercises that can help you transform your life.”

Through treatment Bridgett provides knowledge and resources about the mind-body-spirit connection. She offers guidance and tools for working with emotions, clearing the energy of trapped emotions, and teaching you how to decipher their purpose and manage overwhelm. Coaching you in your communication with yourself & others, Bridgett offers access and support to learn the inner work necessary to transform your life. She can teach you how to access the “stories” that hold you back from fulfillment and pilot you through completing your past with compassion to release the impact on your life. Above & beyond, she is a stand for you to accomplish your goals, hopes, dreams by discovering your heart. She offers access to a higher vibrational frequency of energy bringing balance to your system: physically, mentally & emotionally.
 She is certified in HeartMath, Quantum-Touch, Emotion Code, Heart-Centered Therapy, Access Bars, has additional training in Our Whole Live sexuality education, and other modalities.

Here is her profile on Psychology Today: