Crossroads offers several different types of services.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

OMT involves hands-on manipulation to gently free areas of the body that have restricted motion. Treatment involves respect for the tissues as they are moved to more free motion through the use of several different techniques tailored for each specific patient problem. Some techniques used include:

  • Cranial
  • Myofascial Release
  • Articulatory
  • Counter strain
  • Facilitated Positional Release
  • High Velocity Low Amplitude
  • Visceral (internal organ) Manipulation

Many of these techniques are described in more detail in the About Osteopathic Medicine section. Several other musculoskeletal tools may be suggested such as iontophoresis, NMES, hot packs, trigger point injections, tennis balls, etc. OMT can be done in outpatient, inpatient, assisted living, nursing home and hospice settings. Dr. Sleszynski is on staff at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center for these services.

General Medical Care – Consultations

Consultations—are in depth and done to provide holistic preventative health advice and to obtain recommendations on the use of more natural means to treat conditions. Both general medical care & alternative means may be recommended

Massage Therapy

We offer therapeutic massage / manual therapy before or after your OMT appointment. Warming the muscles before OMT, can increase nutrient-rich blood to the tissues and relax muscles. This can promote better stretching and fluidity. Massage after OMT helps to relieve toxins and decrease post OMT flare-ups. We also offer relaxation massage services for stress reduction.

Many insurance companies will cover manual therapy when supervised here by one of the medical providers. It is classified with physical therapy. We do bill insurance for these services if appropriate. Ask about massage when scheduling your next appointment.

Learn more about Massage Therapy services at Crossroads PHC.

Counseling Services

At Crossroads Premiere Health Care, we believe that the whole person should be treated, not just the aches and pains today. With this holistic approach, we know the mind, emotions, and spirit are an important element that should not be overlooked to promote complete health and well-being.

We offer counseling to individuals (adult and children), families, and couples. Our specialties include addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Heart-Centered Therapy, Emotion Code, HeartMath Stress Management, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy and treat conditions such as anxiety, trauma recovery, depression and much more. We have two specialists with a variety of experience (Learn more about Counseling services at Crossroads PHC.)

Sexuality Education Seminar

Crossroads presents Our Whole Lives, (OWL) a sexuality education series that is enormously successful! This material is thorough, unbiased, and practical in approaching the complicated subjects covered.

Learn more about Our Whole Lives – Sexuality Seminar.

Energy Healing

“For a long time, people have wondered how consciousness arises out of the various physical structures in the body. It has been assumed more recently that human consciousness arises out of some proper combination of chemical and biological structures in the human brain, and many researchers have sought to isolate exactly where the physical seat of consciousness is. But nobody has ever been able to pin down exactly where or what this ‘consciousness’ really is.

“For the last few centuries we have believed that consciousness is created by combining the right sorts of chemical and biological structures, such as in the human brain. But it turns out that this understanding is incorrect. Instead, all matter – the entire physical world – is actually created from consciousness! While still not fully embraced by the mainstream scientific community, this understanding may be the single most important advance in science in the last hundred years.

“Why does this matter for those of us who are not physicists? Simply put, if consciousness creates matter, then changing consciousness will change matter. Because our bodies are made out of matter, we often think that changing something in the body – say, a tumor – requires manipulating it directly on the physical level, such as with surgery or drugs. While this can work, it is also possible to change matter by changing the underlying consciousness that creates the matter.” ~ From Where Science Meets Spirit, Brent Phillips

In the emerging field of energy medicine we offer energy healing modalities of Quantum-Touch, Emotion Code, Heart Centered Therapy, Access Bars.

Learn more about Energy Healing services at Crossroads PHC.