Optimizing Your Treatment

Before Your Treatment

Drink Water
Drinking up to one liter of water prior to your treatment can help prevent soreness and fatigue. As your tissues release their restricted holding patterns, previously trapped metabolites such as lactic acid, may be released into your bloodstream. This may result in soreness and fatigue lasting up to 48 hours. Drinking water can help minimize this.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothing
Loose fitted clothing will allow your physician to more easily palpate and treat your body.
NO jeans please. Or at least bring a change of clothing with you for your treatment.

After Your Treatment

Try to walk for 10 to 15 minutes before getting into your car. This will help your body settle and reintegrate. It’s important to relax and allow your arms to swing naturally while walking.

Although you may feel significantly better, your body remains in a vulnerable state for several hours after treatment. Rest is important to allow your body to heal. Please refrain from strenuous exercise such as running or weight lifting immediately after treatment.

Drink Water
Drink plenty of water for the first day or two following your treatment as above.

Avoid Over Treatment
Too much treatment in too short an interval can be over-stimulating and taxing on the body. For at least a day, please avoid physical therapy, chiropractic, or other forms of manual therapy. Please consult your physician before incorporating other forms of physical medicine and/or orthodontia.

Self/Home Care
Please feel free to visit our YouTube Channel where you can view several exercise videos for personal use at home to further benefit from your treatment plan.

Exercise Training
Each patient will be evaluated and taught, if indicated, their own individualized exercise, ergonomic, and activity program to facilitate their full healing. Examples of some common exercises prescribed can be found at our YouTube Channel